Camilla Sparks: I’ll Teach You to Hunt


Barbara Lehnhoff, the unique but engaging voice from Peter Kernel, has a new project called Camilla Sparksss. The first single from Camilla Sparksss dives into much more retro synth waters than Peter Kernel has, bringing to mind new wave dance music of the early ’80s.


“I’ll Teach You to Hunt” – Camilla Sparkss


On the other hand, this live video of “Europe” is angry and angular and instantly compelling.



You can pick up the single of “I’ll Teach You to Hunt” – backed with the punishing “For You the Wild” – at the Camilla Sparkss Bandcamp page, which offers digital, vinyl 7″, and Polaroid packages. Camilla Sparksss has upcoming shows in Switzerland, Italy, and France – check the official site for details.


Camilla Sparksss Official Website

Camilla Sparksss @ Bandcamp

Camilla Sparksss @ Twitter

Camilla Sparksss @ Facebook

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Peter Kernel: We Don’t Care

I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about this song. I’m on board with the music right away, but the vocals are a little grating. Perhaps intentionally so? What do you think, readers? (You may want to look away from the visuals if you’re prone to motion sickness.)



Peter Kernel’s new album White Death & Black Heart will be out in October.

Peter Kernel @ Facebook

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