Maximum Hedrum: Keep in Touch


People, my head is spaced on medicine, and I can’t form a coherent post, so have a blurb and a video for Maximum Hedrum’s “Keep in Touch”, featuring his grand funkness George Clinton.

“The video was inspired by an article in Italian that my friend Wendy Morgan sent me about a young man with cerebral palsy and his relationship with his mom and a prostitute. The story felt closely related to ‘Keep in Touch’ in the sense of yearning for intimacy without the ability to express it with touch,” says video co-direcotr Sam Spiegel. “Shooting this film was a great experience in getting to know Javier Silcook (our lead actor who has cerebral palsy) and his family who are amazing (Javier has 62 adopted brothers all with disabilities as well). I hope we were able to show some of the beautiful as well as lonely moments of living with CP.”


“Keep in Touch” – Maximum Hedrum


Maximum Hedrum’s self-titled debut album will drop on March 19.


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