Canadian Music Week: Steak and Eggs, Flamingo Bay


Steak and Eggs is the latest record from Flamingo Bay, of Hamilton, Ontario. Like it’s diner-staple namesake, this record is solid, filling, and comfortingly familiar without being tedious.

Here are some of the highlights:

Culprit of the Tahiti Pearl, is seven minutes long, and is really two, perhaps three songs in one. It is also the first song, and sets the swamp-garage tone for the record:

Steak n' Eggs by Flamingo Bay

Checkout Line is the second song, and brings some stompy bluesy swagger to the proceedings:

Steak n' Eggs by Flamingo Bay

And finally, Righteousness, the closest thing they have to a slow jam:

Steak n' Eggs by Flamingo Bay

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Video: Flamingo Báy, Serpentine

Flamingo Báy is: Kris Gies (Lead Bass/Vocals), Vince Rankin (Drums/Vocals), Dillon Henningson (Guitar/Vocals). They are from Hamilton (Ontario) via Edmonton (Alberta), and they play beautifully uncomplicated garage rock.

When I say uncomplicated, I mean it is garage rock at its noisy, messy finest, with dirty basslines and facemelting riffs plus the occasional burst of quasi-psychedelic noodling. Turn it up and let it rattle your bones, it’s good for you.

This is the video for Serpentine, the a-side for their recent two-song single, and it is great. I especially enjoyed the wrestling figurines, the dude rocking out in the Rangers jersey / one boat shoe outfit and the extended sequence with the elevator.

Flamingo Báy – Serpentine

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