El Sportivo & the Blooz, Nights & Weekends


Nights & Weekends, the new record from El Sportivo & the Blooz, is aptly named; this could be music for the after-hours, for unwinding and spinning down. Or it could be company for the dark hours of the third shift. It definitely is high-quality smooth country funk – sippin’ whisky for the soul, if you will.


The songs have a sneaky hypnotic quality. Sneaky in the sense that days may pass between the time you listen to a song and the time you find yourself singing it to yourself while doing the dishes; hypnotic in the sense that it is easy to become wholly absorbed by the bright ribbon of pedal steel twining through the crashing guitars, and forget all about the dishes.

That’s okay, though, the dishes can wait, because it’s time to grab your sweetie and slow dance around the kitchen.

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Video: El Sportivo & The Blooz, Waking World

There are people – most people – who are out and about during the day. And then there are the night people, the nocturnal wanderers, who only ever see the supermarket at 3AM, when it’s empty. There are times when these people walk past each other, on their way to and from their lives; the magic hour(s) of dawn and sunset marking the shift change.

Sometimes they change places, their schedules get flipped, and they are left to wonder: which one of us fell down the rabbit hole?

El Sportivo & The Blooz "Waking World"

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