Post War Glamour Girls, Feeling Strange (Part 1)

Feeling Strange (Part 1) - Post War Glamour Girls

“Kudos to those with the broke nose breathing it in”

Truth is, I should have been writing about Leeds band Post War Glamour Girls here a long time ago, but sometimes the relationship between a listener and a band plays out like a film romance – a glance across a crowded room, light and awkward flirtation, mixed signals, the listener ends up going home with some other band only to run into the first band again at some coffee shop, and stilted conversation is followed up by falling into bed together.

You know, metaphorically speaking.

In short, I am remiss for not mentioning it before, but PWGG are a good band. A really good band. Their 2014 full-length debut, Pink Fur, still enjoys heavy rotation in my listening and can still make me gape in wonder. Now, in the run-up to their next LP, to be released in October, PWGG are offering some of those new songs free for a limited time (as in, it was announced on August 14th that it would be free for two weeks, and it’s the 18th now, so…) in the form of the Feeling Strange (Part 1) EP. Listen and download below.

The band are moving in a bit of a different direction – like using distortion and fuzz on the thumping, exciting “Felonious Punk” – but they still emphasizes their strengths, like the urgency of singer James Smith’s tortured yelp and their mastery of evoking mood, as on the exotic and undulating “Gentle Is Her Touch”.


A second EP is scheduled to drop in September with the LP coming out in October.

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