Video: Heart-Ships, Undress Me To The Bone

The last time we checked in with Heart-Ships was last October, and since then they’ve released a bunch of new music including a full-length record called Foil (YAY!) and split up (NOT YAY, MASSIVE :().

I listened to Foil late last night, and on the whole it is breathtaking. But there are a few songs that sank their claws into me. One of them was Undress Me To The Bone, which I present here in video form, because they did a “garden session” and sang it acoustic and it sounds like a diamond being wrenched out of them by force.

Heart-Ships - Undress Me To The Bone

This is the album version, which is worth listening to for the contrast: the lament sounds almost like an anthem.

Also strong: Nadine, Heart of a Wrestler and We Were Quick to Bang The Drum.

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