Late Night Listening: The Adversary feat. Jenny Electrik, Yoshimi

Late Night Listening: a home for things that might be fleeting, might be soothing, might be weird, might be soothing and weird. The blogging equivalent of sitting in the garage twiddling radio knobs just to see what might be out there.

Or Late Night Viewing, I guess, this time around.

For all of you making puzzled faces right now: yes, Yoshimi is originally a Flaming Lips song, but this particular version of it, which features Jenny Electrik from Dynasty Electric is new, and part of a larger work: Chapter 2: Ritual Dreams, a multi-part tale of post-apocalyptic New York by The Adversary (Andre Mistier).

If y’all didn’t know I have a weakness for post-apocalyptic tales, well, now you do. This one came into the world via Burning Man, and is about two young people living amid the ruins of New York, while the surveillance system that maintained order in the world slowly fails.

You can enjoy the video below without knowing the full story, but the other songs are great, too, and you can listen to some of them here or else catch up in under five minutes with the video for Maybelline, from Chapter 1: The Ruins.

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