Introducing: Willie Dick

Every once in a while, I get emails from artists, review their work, and then sit at my desk blinking rapidly and thinking What the actual hell did I just watch?

Sometimes I dig deeper and it doesn’t go well; other times I’m seduced by raw charisma and want to share my joyful bafflement with everyone I know.

Willie Dick, of Glasgow, Scotland, falls firmly into the latter category. His work will turn your brain sidewise and you will like it.

This is Deeper Darker, a truly unsettling tale from his Halloween special album Halloween Horror (download it for free at bandcamp!):

WILLIE DICK – Deeper Darker

And then there is My House My Rules, created while he was squatting in an abandoned nursing college and morgue (!), which includes Deeper Darker, but also infectious bangers like I Will Be Your Juliet:

WILLIE DICK – I Will Be Your Juliet from Billy Campbell on Vimeo.

Merry Gothic Christmas, y’all. Have fun, be safe, we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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