Video: Arch Woodmann, Fangs

Arch Woodmann is: Antoine Pasqualini (voice/drums/guitar), Benoît Guivarch (guitar), Lucie Marsaud (guitar, keyboards) and Thomas Pirot (bass). They are from Paris, France, via Bordeaux, and this is their video for Fangs, from their self-titled third record.

It was filmed at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, by What Comes Around Goes Around, who from what I can gather -- I have a feeling a good deal got lost in the Google translation -- specialize in flash mob-style concerts -- the flash mob being the bands -- happen in a wide variety of public places.

In this case, the cool reserve of the art gallery throws the aggressive grit of the song into high relief. Also, the one dude who popped up only long enough to look super annoyed to be having an unexpected cultural experience which he must dutifully record on his cell phone totally made me laugh.

ARCH WOODMANN : Incruste aux Embellies de Rennes

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