Yamin Semali: Yamintro (Hello Again)


Some hip hop from the ATL for you today. We get so many submissions from rappers who just spit straight over an old song, with no attention paid to rhythm or dynamics and little thought given to production, that when I come across an artist like Yamin Semali, who leaves some space for personality and clever rhymes over great production, I almost cry.

Check out the video for “Yamintro (Hello Again)”, utilizing the classic Cars song, from Semali’s new album self-titled album, and keep any eye out for the cool Chevy-logo tailpipe.


“Yamintro (Hello Again)” – Yamin Semali


Yamin Semali’s album is available now via his Bancamp site and features John Robinson (Scienz of Life, DOOM, J. Rawls), Boog Brown (Mello Music Group), Chopp (The Smile Rays, Dillon), Blc Txt (King I Divine), and Gotta Be Karim (Black Spade, Do For Self), with production by Illastrate.


Yamin Semali @ Bandcamp

Yamin Semali @ Twitter

Yamin Semali @ Facebook

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