Feel Bad for You, November 2012

  It’s that time again, kids. The Feel Bad for You mix for November is live! “Hidely-ho neighbors! We’ve back, and feeling bad for November. Your favorite bloggers, twitters, hurricane survivors, pinko commie liberals, and conspiracy theorist wingnuts present this month’s mix. Thanks to Hoosier Buddy for the artwork – he took the photo while standing in the ocean near La Jolla, California. Feel bad for those of us standing in snow (or worse).” Download 1. Title: Done Got Old Artist: Heartless Bastards Album: Stairs and Elevators (2005) Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz Comment: I just turned 40. This is my new theme song. 2. Title: Outrageous Artist: Paul Simon Album: Surprise (2006) Submitted By: @philnorman Comments: It’s outrageous a man like me can stand here and complain. 3. Title: Sadie Artist: Hound Dog Taylor Album: Natural Boogie (1974) Submitted By: Truersound Comments: just three guys laying the groove down, no big deal 4. Title: A Horse Called Music Artist: Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard Album: Heroes (2012) Submitted By: Gorrck Comments: The original of this song is almost too clean and pure beauty. This has some rough edges but retains the beauty of the song. 5. Title: Beat Surrender Artist: … Continue reading

Video: The Pixies, Dig For Fire / Allison and Here Comes Your Man

The Pixies are one of the bands that I can put on shuffle and listen to for a morning, or even all day. I don’t think there’s a single track that makes me stop and mutter oh, not now. I have picked this particular set of songs today because they are three of my favorites. Here Comes Your Man was the #1 most played song in my iTunes for several years, until it got (accidentally) dethroned by a Vienna Teng song, and on a Pixies-only playlist, Allison and Dig for Fire are right behind it at two and three, respectively. The first video is the “official” video, from 1990. The music holds up; the visuals are endearingly dated. Especially the part where they’re playing in an empty stadium. Some of you may not remember but that was a time when there were a lot of videos made in empty stadiums.     The second one is a live video shot during their 2011 tour, which I picked over the “official” video because the official video is weirdly terrible and not in an entertaining way.     If you’d like to hear more, there are free live downloads – including one … Continue reading