Never Fake Desire: Bethany Weimers, Harpsichord Row

Eagle and Girl painting © Annika Olesen

NTSIBers, please meet Bethany Weimers, of Oxford, England. Harpischord Row is her first record; on it, she balances folk and pop in interesting ways, and weaves complex stories through delicate melodies. Every time one of her songs floats up on shuffle I pause for a moment to greet her characters properly, as they are compelling people.

Here is a video for the title track:


And one for 30,000 Days, wherein the video picture is somewhat unusual – filmed by Improbable Blue, the YouTube notes indicate it was originally recorded both in silhouette and in darkness, so what you see here is a “salvage job” – but I like it, as an unintended special effect:

Bethany Weimers - 30000 Days

And two more I especially like. First, Silver Moon, which I love because the beat is dreamy and soothing, a slow Loreena McKennitt-style stomp and swirl, and the lyrics contain a bright ribbon of stubborn defiance: I will not be pushed around / I will not be sacrificed.

And second, To the Land, which is a beautiful, spare incantation of determination:


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