Receiver: Ian Curtis Wishlist

Receiver is the debut album by Ian Curtis Wishlist, also known as Aaron Struble, of Springfield, Missouri. I found it while noodling around the internets looking for things to make my brain stop spinning while I made bar review flashcards (this will be a recurring theme in my life/posts until the end of July, just fyi) and I am here to tell you this is 1) deeply weird but also 2) really good.

I realize “he had me at hello” is a terrible cliche, but, well, he kind of did, or at least he had me at the first 30 seconds or so of Flutters, which you can watch the video for below. That beat is blunt. It’s arresting. It demands attention. I have sat through his record twice now, and the rest of it is equally compelling.

This video is less blunt, but I find that even though I’m kind of wondering what in the world is going on here, I don’t really need an explanation. I can enjoy it as a brief foray into WTAFville, which, much like Vitamin C, is something I feel one should have every day.

ian curtis wishlist – flutters

Video by Joshua Rogers of

Another favorite from the record: emerald park i: awash in you

If you like it, Receiver is a free download at bandcamp, and there’s much more to be had at ICW’s Soundcloud. For example, this one which is called Flights, and is the work of both ICW and VΞRACOM:
VΞRACOM & ian curtis wishlist – FLIGHTS by ian curtis wishlist
And this one, which is called HWMY<3BHVS0.9 which I’m pretty sure translates to “How My Heart Behaves 0.9”:
HWMY<3BHVS0.9 by ian curtis wishlist

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