Video: Wounded Lion vs. Alan Jackson

This is the video for Wounded Lion‘s song Roman Values, from their new record IVXLCDM:


Wounded Lion – Roman Values


I came across it when I was prodding the intertubes in search of more information about Wounded Lion – I saw them open for White Fence / The Fresh & Onlys / Thee Oh Sees on New Years and they were a highlight of an excellent show (pictures later!) – and when I came across this gem I HAD to share.

This is another one of their videos, for a song called Friendly?, which is from the same record. They made this one in POWERPOINT. I am doing a small gleeful dance, because BEST USE OF POWERPOINT EVER.


Wounded Lion – Friendly?


Meanwhile, this is the original 1992 video for Chattahoochee, by Alan Jackson. Or, rather, here is the same video as the first one above, with the “right” song playing over the visuals:


Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee


Y’all, I loved this song back when it was new, though I don’t think I had ever seen the video before, as at the time I tended to only listen to country on the radio while I was in the car. (Cranking up the country station was and is my (not-so) guilty pleasure when driving alone.) Watching it now I have the following thoughts:

1) Nice Baywatch bathing suit there in the first minute.

2) He really is water-skiing in a cowboy hat and boots. I may never stop giggling.

3) Also appreciating the ripped jeans AND the neon on the life vest. It sure was the ’90s.

4) But why is he wearing a Cowboys jersey? Georgia had a football team in 1992, right? [Atlanta Falcons: YES THEY DID. WE’VE BEEN HERE SINCE 1965!]

5) Damn it, this song is going to be stuck in my head for days.

6) Kind of amused that my thought process on viewing the Wounded Lion version was “Is that Alan Jackson?” and then “Alan Jackson + muddy river = That has to be Chattahoochee.”

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