Rock ‘n’ Roll Photog: The Felice Brothers

This week Jennifer brings the extra-happy by featuring NTSIB favorite the Felice Brothers. I’ll be seeing the boys again on Monday, and Jennifer and I both look forward to rocking Lebowski Fest with them (and the wonderful Digger from Take This Bread) in July.

The week after I saw the Gin Blossoms, I continued my January theme of “wandering around unfamiliar places in the dark and bitter cold looking for concerts” with a trip to the Boulton YMCA in Bay Shore, Long Island to catch the Felice Brothers. There were no scantily-clad college students or gigantic mixers, but I did encounter a lighthouse small enough to fit on a traffic island. It did not light my way home, or, more importantly to the venue, and I was both lost and running late, so I didn’t take its picture. Perhaps next time, Bay Shore. Anyway, I did eventually make it to the show:


I was expecting Ian Felice to be about twice as old as he actually is, and three times as grizzled. I was really, truly sure they were the opening band until he started singing. (NB: there was no opening band.) I would like to add here that their set list was written on the back of that pizza box. I don’t know if it was pizza from the place next to the venue, but the pizza from that place is excellent. Especially when you are frazzled and your fingers have been numb for ten minutes.

James Felice and Christmas having an accordion-bass party

The Boulton YMCA is set up so that the front row is really pretty close to the stage, which is excellent for photography but awkward for dancing. Though when James Felice insisted we all get up and do the dance moves for Whiskey in my Whiskey we did our best to comply.

James Felice rocking his accordion while Greg Farley plays the living daylights out of his washboard.

These last two of Ian Felice and Christmas are wholly self-indulgent. I just really like the light, or the way they’re standing, or both:



— Jennifer

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