Two Man Gentlemen Band: We’re gonna get our stomachs pumped!


First, I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude to the Two Man Gentlemen Band for writing and recording the song “Tikka Masala”, for it is that song that finally dislodged Hall and Oates’ “Sara Smile” from my brainpan after a three-day residency. (I will admit to unironically enjoying a healthy portion of the Hall and Oates menu, but “Sara Smile” has never been a part of that portion.)


Tikka Masala by The Two Man Gentlemen Band


The first few notes you hear from the Two Man Gentlemen Band may have you bracing yourself for yet another “old timey” band, but just relax and listen. Be suitably impressed by the clean, skilled musicianship. Then be charmed by the cute, sly lyrical content (check out “Prescription Drugs” to hear where I pulled this post’s headline form) and the cheerful, winking personality. Finally, notice how you can’t keep your toe from tapping. You might have shimmied in your chair just a little, too. That’s the well-rounded experience of the Two Man Gentlemen Band.


Please Don’t Water It Down by The Two Man Gentlemen Band


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