Fistful of Beard: Until We Know Better

Fistful of Beard


Often when you hear a band who sits at the, some would say unlikely, crossroads of country and punk, it seems the punk tag is only given a passing nod, more evident in band members’ tattoos than in the music. Fistful of Beard, who hail from the northern Alabama town of Decatur, attack it from the opposite direction. On FoB’s new album, Until We Know Better, the guitars crash more than they jangle – though the music always speaks with an Alabaman accent, an accent of good ol’ boys who are actually good, of people just trying to do the best they can.



And for those who like a tender moment, songs like “The Rain” offer real poignancy.



You can get Until We Know Better on Bandcamp, either digitally or in a limited-run CD with a hand-screened cover of that wonderful sleeve art.


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