American Idiot

When it comes to Green Day, I have, over the years, been something of an inconstant lover, prone to casual liaisons (singing along to When I Come Around on the radio in 1994), impetuous tiffs (changing the station every time I heard the opening notes of Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) in 1998) and brief put passionate flings (that time in May 2001 that I made my cube-mate listen to The Grouch on endless repeat every morning until he almost literally begged for mercy) but for various reasons resistant to actually committing.

Then, in 2004, they released American Idiot.

That record was different. That record was the one that I bought out of idle and morbid curiosity (Rock opera? Seriously?), then kept in the player in my car for the better part of several months, where it served as company and comfort during the numerous solitary journeys I made up and down 287 South and I-95, trying to balance work and love and clearing twenty-six boxes of books and assorted other memories out of my parents’ house … Continue reading