Mumblr, White Jesus/Black God


Mumblr is: Nick Morrison (vocals, guitar), Scott Stitzer (drums), Ian Amidon (guitar) and Sean Reilly (bass), and they are from North Philadelphia. White Jesus/Black God is their first record.

They have made up their own genre – fuzz punk – which at first I thought might be a new way to say grunge, but no, this is definitely fuzzed out and distorted punk rock. It is gloriously obnoxious and exactly what I needed after several weeks of floating in a dream pop / electronica haze. Here are three tunes I especially liked:

Holy Ghost: This may be the most aggressive song about making out and grammar arguments that you will listen to today.

Puke: The first 20 seconds of this song sound like a rock n’ roll accident, like someone swung a wrecking ball into the middle of the band and knocked everyone into the speakers and amps. The rest of it sounds like they all managed to stand up and find their guitar picks and drumsticks and sing a song about being really angry at someone and not quite knowing why.

Good Cop, Dad Cop: I picked this one mainly because I’m amused/impressed that they managed to wedge the phrase “fornication magazine” into the lyrics and have it not sound clunky.

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