Mutts: Separation Anxiety

Mutts, Now That's Class, Cleveland, Ohio


Your teeth are diamond studded
You’re always smilin’ at me
When I ain’t got any teeth


Washington (Still) Owns People by Mutts


Happy Voting Day, friends! This lyric from the Mutts song “Washington (Still) Owns People”, from their album Separation Anxiety, seemed like an appropriate way to start this Election Day post.

I’ve been putting this post off for a while because I’ve had a difficult time getting a handle on exactly how to talk about their music. I was intrigued by the album from the start – it’s hard not to be when an album starts with a rhythmic, imaginative gem like “So Many, So Many” that makes you want to find a bucket and a wooden spoon so you can beat along.


So Many, So Many by Mutts


But then they bring in the amped instruments, and things get complicated. Elements of rock, hardcore, progressive, thrash, funk, blues all throw in together for a meaty stew in songs that lyrically explore … Continue reading

Mosey West, Merica and Vaca Money

Mosey West are: Mike McGraw (vocals, bass), Adam Brown (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Matt Weitz (drums, piano) and Cody Russell (Pedal Steel/Banjo/Dobro), they are from Fort Collins, Colorado, and they play some A++ folk/rock.

They have two EPs out right now, Merica and Vaca Money, both of which are – for a limited time only! – available for free at bandcamp.

Some highlights / personal favorites of mine:
Hell Hounds by Mosey West
Stone by Stone by Mosey West
In Tune by Mosey West
Bad Actors by Mosey West

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