Support Your Friendly, Neighborhood Rooster

We love DIY bands to pieces here at NTSIB since we’re DIY ourselves. And like most DIY bands, we’re broke-ass broke, so we understand their plight. Our friends in the Imperial Rooster aren’t on a label, not even a little one, so while they have released their new album Decent People, it pretty much only consists of 1s and 0s at this point. So, they’ve gotten themselves up a Kickstarter campaign to help them release the new album on vinyl and CD.

And they have some exceptional prizes, from the rad Rooster T-shirt to test pressing vinyl to a show at your house to, my personal favorite, a personal music mix from drummer Dusty Vinyl (he’s got great taste in music, y’all). There are even more great incentives than I’ve listed here. And if you follow NTSIB and have seen our other posts about the Imperial Rooster, you know they’re a band worth backing. So, stop on over at the Rooster Kickstarter page and pledge what you can. Even if it’s only a dollar. They’ll love you for it, and so will we.

The Imperial Rooster @ Kickstarter

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