Jordan Bolton: Confidence is Just Another Word for Pretend

What were you doing when you were 18? Nearly single-handedly producing fully realized songs and then promoting your music around the world? The continued maturation of the internet as a tool is making this more possible, and Jordan Bolton of Manchester, England, is taking advantage of that. Bolton has released two EPs, Jazz Hands and Silver Age, via free download (two songs from Silver Age are available below and both EPs can be obtained through the links at the end of the post), and as you listen to these collections you get the sense of a young artist’s growth and evolution being documented as he absorbs influences and lets them flow lightly into his own unique compositions.

Each song on Silver Age, his latest, has at least one sublime element in it: the pounding drums of “Lull”, the loping bassline of “Control”, the infectious chorus of “Black and Grey”. While becoming firmly rooted in your head (and later coming out as a hum as you go about your day), these songs make you excited to hear what’s next.


Black And Grey by Jordan Bolton

Control by Jordan Bolton

Jordan Bolton @ Soundcloud


Jordan Bolton @ MySpace


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