Slackday: The Plum

Cleveland. You might have heard of us. We’re known for hemorraghing talent* and that whole river-catching-on-fire thing.

But there are good aspects of living here, too. Sadly, we lost one of those aspects a couple of weeks ago when one of my personal idols, Harvey Pekar, died. If you’ve seen the film American Splendor, you know a bit of Harvey’s story. He was best-known for his American Splendor comic books, which are addictive, funny, inspiring… you should read them.

Here’s a snippet from the time Anthony Bourdain brought his show No Reservations to the CLE and met Harvey. (Tony baby loved Cleveland, by the way.)


Another good aspect is that we have a sense of humor. We kind of have to.


Additionally, aside from all the good music that comes through Cleveland (you can see a show every night of the week at the Beachland Ballroom alone, and there’s also the Grog Shop, Now That’s Class, the Thirsty Dog… we’ve got a few venues – and when I say “a few”, I mean “a lot of”), some great music comes from Cleveland. Here’s Kid Cudi talking about home.


*We also like to claim anything good that’s ever come out of Akron.

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