Hacienda: It’s Time to Shake Ya

Hacienda will be playing the Beachland Ballroom on Saturday, June 19, opening for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. You should go see them.

What, you need more than that? My say-so isn’t good enough? Fine, how about this.


Hacienda have shown up on NTSIB a couple of times before, in association with Dan Auerbach, but they deserve a little spotlight of their own. The band is comprised of the three Villanueva brothers – Rene, Abraham and Jaime – and their cousin Dante Schwebel and have been getting good buzz from People With Good Taste (like Hear Ya and Aquarium Drunkard). Their work with Auerbach – he has produced for them and took them on the road as his band for his solo tour – has surely helped them get noticed, but it’s their own talent that’s getting them talked about. If you are familiar with Dan Auerbach’s solo album Keep It Hid, it only takes a moment of listening to understand why Hacienda was the perfect choice for Auerbach’s touring band. They are steeped in a ‘60s garage sound imbued with modern sensibilities and blossoming with energetic harmonies. Stand-out songs include She’s Got a Hold on Me (which I spent half a day listening to on repeat), Shake Ya and Who's Heart Are You Breaking

It promises to be a great show, and I’m personally looking forward to watching Rene exercise those bass-playing chops in person – he’s something else.

Hacienda Official Website
Hacienda HearYa Session
Hacienda Daytrotter Session

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