Giveaway: Local Natives

Friday. It’s not the absolute best day of the week, but it’s a worthy runner-up to King Saturday. And this Friday right here is pretty damn good for Local Natives fans, as we’ve got two big-deal things going on.

First, the kind folks at the Orchard have a shiny, new 7″ of Local Natives’ great song “Sun Hands” with the B-side being the also-great (there aren’t many of their songs that aren’t great) rendition of “Cards & Quarters” from the band’s Daytrotter session. You want it? Be the first to drop a comment on this post expressing your wild enthusiasm for the band (or even your not-quite-wild but still enthusiastic enthusiasm), and you will be the proud owner.

Second, Cleveland-area Local Natives’ fans have the opportunity to obtain goodness from the very fine folks at Music Saves. Be the first to purchase the Gorilla Manor LP at Music Saves (see previous link for address and hours of operation if you’re not already familiar with them), and a pair of tickets to the May 11th Local Natives/Suckers show at the Beachland Ballroom, will be yours.

I will be at the Beachland show as well as their Music Saves in-store performance beforehand. At this point, you’d have to break my hands and feet to keep me from seeing these guys.


(Note on this video: This is not a true La Blogotheque Take Away Show, but it’s still a great performance.)

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