Future Sounds: Dead Pioneers & Conrad Plymouth

Here are a couple of artists for you to listen to now so you can get a headstart on being dismissive and saying, “They were better when…” once they get big.

Dead Pioneers

Dead Pioneers is a one-man show out of L.A. with a menacing Southern/Western gothic sound. The demos available for listening on the Dead Pioneers’ MySpace page, “Cyanide Moonshine” and “Headin’ That Way, Part 1”, feature wild hillbilly yelp vocals, jangling banjo, western guitar ambience and driving stomp-beats. Look out for the debut EP promised in this early part of 2010.

Dead Pioneers MySpace

Conrad Plymouth

Prepping an album right now and taking the stage tomorrow night for Muzzle of Bee’s SXSW showcase, Conrad Plymouth are currently based out of Milwaukee. Like Dawes, Conrad Plymouth makes NTSIB eat their words about not liking earnest singer-songwriter types who write languid, guitar-centric tunes. Damn them. They’ve released an unmastered track for their forthcoming album for free download, and “Fergus Falls” is nothing short of beautiful.

Conrad Plymouth MySpace

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