Club Night: Dressed in Black

For a few good years, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent a lot of time in the goth scene (though my musical tastes lead one boyfriend to label me as “just plain odd” instead of “goth”), and a friend I made back in those days just tipped me off to this club event, saying it made him immediately think of me.

On Monday, DJ’s DeathBoy and my self, present a tribute to “The Men in Black”. Dark Balladeers, and Torch Singers from the past 60 years that helped shape modern music. Everyone from Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Marc Almond, Brian Eno, Peter Murphy, Tom Waits, and many, many more!

Visit the Elbo Room website for more details. This looks like an unique club event worth checking out if your in the SF area.

Found this gem at The Velvet Rut. It’s an older clip, but it’s fantastic: the Punch Brothers (then known as known as Chris Thile and How to Grow a Band) covering Radiohead’s “Morning Bell”.


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