Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything: Cowboy Junkies, Futurebirds, Young Mammals

Here, people, have some music.

First up, a humid, languid tune called “Cicadas” from the upcoming Cowboy Junkies’ album Renmin Park. Renmin Park will be the first album in a four-album series called The Nomad Series, and the following album in the series, Demons, will be made up of covers of songs from the late, great Vic Chesnutt.

Cowboy Junkies – Cicadas

Cowboy Junkies Official Website

Even though I gave them a lukewarm concert review here last week, I still like the guys in Futurebirds. Damn those Southern charmers. Their debut album, Hampton’s Lullaby, will be dropping on July 27, and here’s a track from the album called “Johnny Utah”.

Futurebirds – Johnny Utah

Futurebirds MySpace

Finally, an energetic ditty with a seasick rhythm called “Confetti” from Houston band Young Mammals. They will be releasing their album Carrots on June 22 and playing at the Happy Dog in Cleveland on July 2.

Young Mammals – Confetti

Young Mammals MySpace

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