Bits: Strand of Oaks, Young Circles

  • The highly successful campaign to have Strand of Oaks’ album Pope Killdragon released on vinyl is in its last 48 hours. Use it to help fund all things Strand of Oaks and pre-order the vinyl. (Not sure why you’d want to? Check out this video for all the answer you need to that.)
  • Young Circles’ Bones EP dropped today, and damn if they haven’t made it free.

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Young Circles: I’ve Got Shit for Brains, and They’re Out of Stock

You can’t go wrong when you start your album out with feedback, at least in my book. So, Young Circles had me at ‘SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH’ with the first song off their forthcoming debut EP Bones (out 1.11.11). But feedback will only get you so far, and Young Circles keep up (and expand on) the interest with some seriously heavy low-end, Britpop-style vocals and decidedly infectious grooves. And for a three-piece, these guys throw a lot at you in one song, sometimes flowing from sweet to jarring in seconds. There are layers of good things here.

“Sharp Teeth” is my favorite track off of Bones, with it’s clap-stomp rhythm and rap-chanting. Check it out, download it, love it.

Young Circles – Sharp Teeth

Young Circles Official Website

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