One More Time With Feeling: The NTSIB Reader Survey

This time with a little bit more explanation.

The survey is our attempt to get to know y’all a little bit better, partially because we’re curious, and partially because we do sometimes get asked who our audience is, and it would be useful to have some hard data to back up our suppositions.

There are also a few questions about mechanics – the hows, whys and wheres of keeping up with the blog – that are mainly there because I’m curious about people use organizational tools, like tags, and also how they interact with information sources in the context of social media. So far very few people navigate NTSIB with the tags, and the more people are subscribed to the NTSIB Twitter feed than any other of our social media presences.

It’s also a chance for you to tell us about things you like, and maybe would like to see more of, and things you don’t care for, and perhaps would like to never see again. For example, so far the “A Good Read . . .” series is super popular and the Video Challenges have gotten very little love.

In summary, to paraphrase the late Ed Koch: How we doin’?

A final word about numbers: My response goal for this survey is 140 people, or slightly less than 20% of our total Twitter subscriber base. (Which is now at a mind-boggling 770 people. Even allowing for certain percentages of bots/dead accounts, that’s still a lot of people. Enough to fill a small club!) So far we have less than 20 responses. Please stand up and be counted and dispense your unvarnished opinions!


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