The Dad Horse Experience: Live in Melbourne


Today, we are happy to share the good news of a live album from our favorite German gospel artist. To be honest, he’s the only German gospel artist I’ve listened to.

…are there other German gospel artists?

Anyway, regular readers may already know that the Dad Horse Experience is not your typical gospel act. (Indeed, I don’t think Dad Horse Ottn – who usually makes up the whole of the Dad Horse Experience – is your typical anything.) As 2011 shed its old clothes and became 2012, Dad Horse took his unique “kellergospel” – intended to bring light to the dark cellars of the world instead of being played in the already-illuminated churches – to Australia. He gathered up Australian musicians Renato Vacirca (drums) and Anto Macaroni (guitar, harmonica), dubbed the outfit “The Dad Horse Experience XXL”, and set out to make friends and converts in the land of “the people who walk upside down”.


I am Falling (live in Melbourne) by The Dad Horse Experience


And it was a success. Such a success that they recorded two sets, one at the Old Bar and one at the Retreat Hotel, and now offer the cream of those sets on a 12″ vinyl, Live in Melbourne. The 10-track LP is accompanied by a more expansive 21-track CD, including renditions of the hymn “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” and Hank Williams’ “Lost Highway”, and the set can be purchased at the Dad Horse Experience website (those outside the European Union may find this currency converter handy for figuring cost).

If you’re not already sold, Dad Horse is offering “The Merchandise Song” – a tale familiar to touring musicians – in return for subscribing to his newsletter (from which you can unsubscribe at any time). Get it here.


The Dad Horse Experience Official Website

The Dad Horse Experience @ Facebook


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