Your T.V. Favorites

Earlier this spring, I conducted a seasonal survey on Twitter that was a big hit all around. And while this one won’t be as titillating as the first, here’s another fun one, inspired by @Truersound talking about one of his old favorites (and which song I can’t remember now… oops). While I don’t watch television that much anymore – aside from occasional shows on the internets… oh hey, I should have an episode of Archer waiting for me – I grew up with television as my best friend. I was a latchkey kid for most of my childhood and used the T.V. set for company becoming well-versed in all manner of syndicated sitcoms and afternoon talk shows.

While I wouldn’t accuse most shows of having good music for their theme songs, there have been a few that have really stood out down the line. My personal favorite has to be the theme from The Dukes of Hazzard, a show which I was devoted to when I was a kid, sung by none other than Waylon Jennings.



Submitted by @ATerribleIdea:
“Hard tossup between Electric Company and Sanford and Son. #ismellamashup”




Submitted by @dopeburger:
“because of a local jam band in college that really stretched out on it, Night Court.”



Submitted by @pdennison:
“Unquestionably, Mike Post’s theme for ‘The Rockford Files’!”



Submitted by OwenTemple:
“A-Team. it’s like a 4 movement symphony. you will drive your van better after hearing it.”


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