Royal Bangs: We don’t know shit about cars.

I bumped into Patrick Carney the other day, and we got to chatting about music, as we are wont to do.

Pat said, “April, you have wicked taste in music: you should be listening to this band on my label. They’re called Royal Bangs, and they’re amazing.”

“Well, Pat,” said I, “you have good taste, too, so I will give them a spin.”

Then we hugged, and I returned home to download some Royal Bangs.

This is all true except the part where Patrick Carney and I know each other and have ever carried on a conversation.

(I know I’ve been giving a lot of space to Dan lately, but I think you are way rad, too, Pat. And I usually think drummers are nutbags.)

Both Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach, the Black Keys, have great taste in music, and they use their knowledge and connections to get good music into your hands – Dan with his invitation-only studio Akron Analog and label Polymer Sounds, Pat with his label Audio Eagle.

When you listen to the player on the Audio Eagle MySpace page, Royal Bangs stands out. Not only is their music layered and their playing confident, but there is an urgency that comes up out of their music and drills right under your skin. It infects you, and you feel like you need to burst out of your skin, flying and howling. It is simultaneously delicate and desperate. I won’t say you can’t ignore it, because you might be made of stronger stuff than I am, but you won’t want to ignore it.

Royal Bangs are currently touring Europe, coming back to the States and Canada at the end of April, including a spot at Lollapalooza.

Royal Bangs Official Site
Royal Bangs MySpace
Royal Bangs Daytrotter session
Audio Eagle Records MySpace

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